Student Health and Safety

COVID-19 and Communicable Illness Awareness

WMA International prioritizes student health and safety in our courses. To minimize  the risk of spreading COVID-19 or other easily communicable illnesses, we rely on the cooperation of course hosts, instructors, and students. We hope this overview provides a foundation for communal awareness.

Students may find a communicable illness screening form in their pre-course paperwork. If that form is present, please complete it 3 days before the course. If the response indicates an active communicable illness, the instructor will reach out to learn more and discuss mitigation strategies and alternatives to attendance, if applicable.  If this form is not available and you have signs and symptoms of an easily communicable illness, please notify your instructor ASAP to discuss whether or not you should participate in the course. Policies regarding tuition rollover or refunds are determined by the course host and vary by course. 

COVID-19 policies and practices on course are determined by state and local regulations, hosts, and instructors. Students experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or those who tested positive for COVID-19, must generally follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines* which will determine if they can attend the course. 

We ask students to exercise caution prior to their course to reduce the risk of contracting an illness that they can spread on course. Student failure to comply with health safety procedures while on course may lead to dismissal from the course. 

Individuals defined by the CDC as “high risk” if they contract COVID-19 should consult with their primary care provider and make a thorough assessment of all factors to determine if they should travel to and attend a WMA International medical course or postpone to a future course. 

*Students outside of the USA should follow guidelines in the country in which the course is held. 

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