A Gratified Student

The following excerpt is from a professor in athletic training who just took a Wilderness Medical Associates WFR (Wilderness First Responder) course this past week.

“First, I want to tell you I learned more than I could ever imagine, I had a great time, and our instructor Brad Sablosky was incredible. The main reason I wanted to email you though was because of your course content. As a professor of athletic training I need to make sure I am teaching my students “evidence based medicine” as often as possible.

It is a common part of my life to come across medicine that has not caught up to the science because individuals don’t do the research and want to hold onto old adages. I have to admit I was expecting to run into this in a few content areas going into your WFR course. I was so impressed and over-joyed to find that was not the case at all. Your course content was definitely grounded in “evidence based medicine” as best as possible. I especially noticed this in wound care and exertional heat illnesses. I have been conducting heat and hydration research for over
6 years now. I’ve given many “H&H” talks over these years and find people who are taught wrong information. Your information on this topic was phenomenal! The course content provided the best and most accurate information on this topic I have ever come across. I greatly appreciate this and wanted to let you know. Along those lines, I have attached two publication and a slide for you to peruse that support the use of cold water immersion for heat stroke and the use of rectal temperature in the assessment of exertional heat illness. Let me know if you have any questions.

Additionally, I wanted to express my gratitude that the instructors gave my profession of athletic training trust and respect that I greatly appreciated. They knew what my skills were and what my profession is capable of. They were able to push me “out of my comfort box” during the WFR course to be a better practitioner as well as help me with my weak points. I hope you organization continues this excellent tradition and looks into furthering a relationship with our profession (recognition and CEU’s).

Once again, I had a wonderful time during my WFR course and learned a significant amount of information. Thank you for working so hard on the course content.”

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What was the best piece of information YOU learned in your course?

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