Huyck Preserve: A Natural Treasure

About Huyck Preserve

Huyck Preserve is a non-profit organization on 2000 acres  just southwest of Albany, NY.  Along with miles of trails to hike and enjoy, there is an abundance of wildlife and natural treasures, making Huyck Preserve a wonderful place to take a wilderness medical course.

huyck-logo“Our mission is to protect the natural beauty of the Rensselaerville Falls, the watershed of Lake Myosotis and surrounding lands, to conduct long-term research on natural systems as part of a global effort to understand and preserve the Earth’s biodiversity, and to increase appreciation of this effort through innovative, field-based educational programs for students, teachers and the community.”

Huyck Preserve’s dedication to preservation, education, and research is beyond admirable. For information on how you can do your part in keeping the Preserve unspoiled, visit Huyck Preserve’s membership page.

Upcoming Wilderness Courses at Huyck Preserve

huyck-2We are excited Huyck Preserve has chosen Wilderness Medical Associates for their first Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and their Recertification courses. Their first course, the full WFR, will be held between July 29, 2009 and August 5, 2009. Following the WFR class, Huyck Preserve will be offering an Open Recertification course between August 7, 2009 and August 2009. During the Open Recertification course, those holding a valid WMA certification may recertify a Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA), Wilderness First Responder (WFR), or a Wilderness EMT (WEMT) certification. If you are a prospective student that was last certified through another organization, you may only recertify a WFR.

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