New WMA Website Feedback from Students

Sometimes you need to be careful about what you ask for, but when launching a new website, you gotta do it!

We wanted to make our new site easier to navigate, chock full of wilderness medical information, and featuring real people in videos. So we asked a recent group of WMA course graduates and this is what some said:

“Hey! Nice job with the web site. I like the eye catching header, the link to courses near me and the YouTube video. I keep describing to people how the course simulated real life situations and helped desensitize me to serious injuries, especially disfigurement, blood and guts (and Cabot’s projective vomiting!). It is great to have the YouTube clip to have my peers view and gain a better understanding of how I was trained.”

“New site looks great! I really like the Q & A and blog sections. Keep up the good work!”

“Like to new website, it was easy to navigate. I enjoyed the questions and answer part with Dr. Johnson the most.”

“The look and feel is really good. I like the Find a Course feature.”

Thanks to all the recent WMA grads who gave us such useful feedback.
Anne Rugg
General Manager

One comment on “New WMA Website Feedback from Students

  1. kalson tsui kalson tsui

    if have some cases in movie are better.
    more resouces in the website are very good.
    keep going.

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