WFR Energy is Contagious

What a treat to switch gears, hop on a plane and see Wilderness Medical Associates’ training in the field.  For three days I visited WMA sponsors in the spectacular mountains of western North Carolina.  Instead of doing my desk job as General Manager,  I got a glimpse of WMA Wilderness First Responder courses and instructors in full swing.

mountains-of-ncIn the course of meeting with sponsors, I was able to sit in on some Wilderness First Responder classes.  I was quite impressed with the energy and excellent teaching skills of our instructors.  It was exciting to witness our brilliant curriculum taught with hands-on learning and engaging lectures.  To see eager students “get” the PAS system, learn the lingo, and apply it in practice.

It was a gratifying privilege to see the combined efforts of so many people come together in the field – the hard work of the sponsors, instructors, office support team, and diligent students.   I’m so pleased to be part of this successful (and FUN!) program that teaches folks how to prevent and handle back country medical emergencies.

Anne Rugg
General Manager
Wilderness Medical Associates

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