Wilderness First Responder Training Saves a Life

Ann Dunphy, a lead instructor for Wilderness Medical Associates, submitted this story to us regarding a student from a recent Wilderness First Responder Training:

I just needed to share a beautiful WFR story.  In the morning of day 4, my student Mike came in and told me we saved his mother’s life. He started with “Ann you always say, saving a life one drill at time.”

Mike is in his mid 50’s and called his folks the night before as his mom was scheduled for minor heart surgery.  His dad told him, “your mother fell and hit her head, she’s got a pretty good goose egg.”

Having just learned about TBI/ Increasing ICP, Mike told his dad what to watch for.  Sure enough,  within two hours, she developed a severe headache and vomiting.  His dad would have just let her go to sleep without monitoring her.  She was air lifted out, had neurosurgery, and is doing fine so far.

You just never know when you can impact a student.  As tired as I may get while teaching, this is why I teach for Wilderness Medical Associates.

Ann Maureen Dunphy
WMA Lead Instructor

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