WMA Now Offering WEMT-I Courses

Looking to upgrade your Wilderness EMT?  How about taking the WEMT-I?

Starting in May of 2010, Wilderness Medical Associates, the industry leader in wilderness medicine will begin offering the WEMT-Intermediate course.  This course is designed to expand the knowledge base and scope of currently certified Wilderness EMTs or EMTs.

Wilderness EMT Course Content

This course meets all requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT) Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate/85 (EMT-I/85) curriculum and the Wilderness Medical Associates WEMT-I curriculum. Topics include patient assessment, body systems, equipment improvisation, trauma, oxygen administration, automatic defibrillation, ECG interpretation, IV therapy, pharmacology, overview of primary care medicine, advanced assessment, endotracheal intubation, environmental medicine, toxins, backcountry medicine, wilderness protocols, and wilderness rescue.

Wilderness specific subject topics include:

Logistics and Introduction, General Concepts in Wilderness Medicine, Roles and Responsibilities, Patient Assessment, Critical System Problem Recognition Drill, Critical System Summary, Spine Musculoskeletal, Limb Splinting, Dislocation Reduction Demo and Practice, Skin, Soft Tissues and Burns, SAR/Organization, Small Group BLS Simulations Thermoregulation, Cold Injuries, Altitude, ALS Treatments and Meds, Appropriate Technology, ALS Tools and Medications, Night Simulation, Expedition Practitioner/Backcountry medicine, Toxins, Bites and Stings, Lightning, Submersion injuries, Diving, Improvised carries, low angle litter evacuation, hypothermia wraps, antibiotic usage, pain management, common problems associated with the EENT.

Wilderness EMT Class Format

This course is 75 hours classroom and 36 hours clinical time over 16 days. On most days class will run from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Mornings will begin with quizzes and case presentations from students who had hospital rotations on the previous day. The rest of the morning will be devoted to lectures.

Afternoons are devoted to practical hands-on sessions and video taped simulations. Expect 2-3 emergency rescue simulations with made-up victims and stage blood that will be videotaped for enhanced learning. Evenings are reserved for case studies, clinical rotations, and assignments.

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