WMAI certifications, including Anaphylaxis and CPR certifications, are valid for 3 years through the end of the month of certification (e.g., certified: 3-10-2017; expired: 3-31-2020). There is no grace period to recertify after the expiration date. The three-year certification period is based upon our research into skills retention over time, the importance of supervised, hands-on skills practice in promoting learning, and the nature of the wilderness medical training curriculum.

Please note: Some jurisdictions limit the CPR and Anaphylaxis certifications to 1 or 2 years before requiring a recertification.

Anyone with a current WMAI WFR can recertify through the following course options*:

  • 3- day Open Recertification Course

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  • 4- day Bridge (WAFA to WFR) Course

*WFR students recertifying through a WMA International office may be eligible to recertify in a WAFA course. Please contact the International office directly for more information.


Non-WMAI WFR cardholders are eligible to recertify with WMAI if:

  • You earned a valid WFR from an in-person wilderness-based course of 64 hours or more.
  • You have a current certification or are within your one-year grace period as determined by the certification provider.
  • You earned a WFR from a hybrid program with a minimum of 40 hours of in-person instruction and 24 hours of pre-course work.
  • Your most recent WFR recertification course included 16 hours of in-person instruction.
  • You have extended your in-person certification by one year through an online course or through a blanket certification extension due to COVID-19, then you are still eligible to recertify. Specific information regarding what documentation is required when enrolling can be found in the following section.
  • WMA currently does not accept online extensions or certifications of greater than one year.

Notice for non-WMAI WEMS card holders:

If you have a current WEMS certification from another organization, you may recertify with us and receive a WFR certification. Only current WMAI WEMS graduates can recertify and receive a WEMS certification in any of the above recertification options.


Given the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has created for those seeking to participate in wilderness medicine courses, many training companies, including WMA, have provided online programs to extend the certification period for its students. These extensions were either blanket extensions (where no work was required) or online extensions requiring some course work and assessment. WMA will honor online certification extensions lasting up to one year, so long as the WFR certification was earned during an in-person class.
For example, if you completed an in-person WFR course in May of 2017 which expired in May 2020 and was extended to May of 2021, then you are only eligible to recertify with WMA on or before your expiration date in May of 2021.
When registering for a course, please provide proof of your original in-person course certification and the extension provided to you by your credentialing agency. This can be a letter, email, screen shot, certification card indicating your extension, etc.