Wilderness Medical Associates has been successfully running courses on a semi-regular basis since mid-June 2020. To date, we have not experienced any notable misadventures related to COVID-19. We want to again encourage mindfulness especially if you have signed up for an upcoming course.

We currently have two options for people pursuing recertification: take an in-person recertification course to recertify for 3 years, or complete an Online Course Extension and receive a 6-month certification. If you have completed an WFR OCE 2 course and are still unable to recertify in person, we now have a WFR OCE: Part 3 course available as an option to continue extending your current WMA certification.

View In-person Recertification Options

View Online Certification Extension (Part 1, 2, 3*) course offerings. *WFR Only

If you decide not to participate in either option, and your certification expires, you will be required to attend a full course when conventional courses resume.