Complete List of Instructors

Provided is a complete list of all of our current instructors. Click on the instructors name or picture to view more information. If you know your instructor by name, you can navigate directly to the last name using these links:

A Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Sarah Adelberg Sarah Adelberg ME United States WFR, AEMT, AWLS
Deb Ajango Deb Ajango AK United States WEMT
Judi Alberi Judi Alberi VT United States MA Counseling, WFR
Sawyer Alberi, Ed.D Sawyer Alberi, Ed.D VT United States WEMT
Rocco Altobelli WA United States WEMS, Flight Paramedic - Certified, NR-Paramedic
Julie Marie Anderson AK United States RN, CFRN, Paramedic
Einar Örn Arnarsson Einar Örn Arnarsson Iceland EMT-I, WEMT
Sverrir Árnason Sverrir Árnason Iceland Firefighter/EMT-I
Amit Arora Amit Arora New Delhi India EMT-B, WFR
Amy Attivissimo Amy Attivissimo MI United States WEMT, NREMT-B
B Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Jeff Baierlein Jeff Baierlein WA United States MS, NREMT-B, WEMT
Jamie Baker Jamie Baker CO United States Paramedic, ACLS, PALS
Jess Banks Jess Banks PA United States RN, PHRN, WALS
Greg Barmby Greg Barmby BC Canada PCP
Diane Barras Diane Barras ME United States OTR/L, WFR
Lisa Barrett Lisa Barrett ON Canada PCP
Jason Barschdorf Jason Barschdorf ME United States NREMT-P, WEMT
Jim Bartlett Jim Bartlett VA United States AEMT, TEMS, VAEC
Joshua Baruch Joshua Baruch CO United States
Kate Batten Kate Batten MN United States BHSc Paramedicine, NRP, AWLS, WFR
Sylvain Beaule Sylvain Beaule QC Canada DEP/DEC Firefighter, DEC Paramedic, PHTLS Advanced, AMLS, ACLS
Roberto Bejar Roberto Bejar CA United States WEMT
KC Bess KC Bess WY United States WEMT
John Bestfather John Bestfather YT Canada ACP
Aimee Bills Aimee Bills NY United States EMT, WFR
Corenne Black Corenne Black NY United States EMT-B, WFR
Heather Blake Heather Blake ME United States RN, BSN, CEN, CCRN, CFRN, NR-EMT, WEMT
Carl Blondell Carl Blondell ME United States W-NREMT-P, BS, AS, SWT
João Victor Bohn Alves João Victor Bohn Alves RJ Brazil WALS
Jon Bouffard Jon Bouffard NH United States Paramedic
Ceilidh Boyd Ceilidh Boyd ON Canada WFR
Natalie Brechtel CA United States EMT-B, WFR
Hewett Brown Hewett Brown KY United States WEMT
Dallas Buhr Dallas Buhr MB Canada PCP
Gord Bunston Gord Bunston BC Canada
Aaron Burke Aaron Burke QC Canada
Mike Burkholder Mike Burkholder NY United States
C Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Doug Cameron Doug Cameron TN United States AEMT, WEMT
Kwok Suen Chan Kwok Suen Chan China
Edgar Chang Edgar Chang Taiwan
Yunjy Chiang Yunjy Chiang Taiwan EMT-2, WFR
Glo Chitwood Glo Chitwood AK United States NREMT-B, WFR, ACA Level II Instructor
Samson Cho Samson Cho China MD, WEMT
Amy Chris Amy Chris BC Canada PCP
Alan Christie Alan Christie ON Canada PCP
Samanta Chu Brazil WEMT
Yang Chuan Qi Yang Chuan Qi China
Myles Clinton Myles Clinton Canada RN
Roger Coit Roger Coit CO United States NREMT-P
Jill Coleby Jill Coleby ON Canada MD, WEMT
Krystle Collins Krystle Collins OR United States MD, WFR, ACLS/BLS, ATLS
Kevin Collopy Kevin Collopy NC United States FP-C, CCEMT-P, WEMT
Kenneth Cross Kenneth Cross PA United States EMT-B, WEMS, FireFighter II
Tara Cross Tara Cross PA United States PA-C, EMT-B, WEMS, WALS
D Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Rick D'Atre Rick D'Atre WA United States WEMT, EMT-B
Jen Darling Jen Darling YT Canada
Tuo Dawei Tuo Dawei China WEMT
Rob Dawson Rob Dawson NY United States
Gavin Dawson Gavin Dawson CO United States PA-C, WEMT, EMT-B
Annie DeFrancia Annie DeFrancia CO United States Paramedic
Mike DeSisto Mike DeSisto WA United States
Brigitte Denton CA United States EMT, WEMT, CA Secondary Teaching Credential in Biological Sciences w/CLAD Emphasis, American Red Cross Instructor, American Safety & Health Institute Instructor
Simon Dilks Simon Dilks Guilin China WEMT
Nancy Doherty Nancy Doherty ME United States RN
Kelly Douglas Kelly Douglas ON Canada PCP
Ben Dowdy Ben Dowdy ID United States Paramedic
Eric Duffy ME United States RN, WEMT
Ann Dunphy Ann Dunphy WI United States EMT-I, WEMT
E Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Ian Ellis Ian Ellis CO United States EMT
Vincent Eng Vincent Eng NY United States EMT-B, WFR
Robb Evis Robb Evis ON Canada PCP, WEMT
F Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Stefanie Falz Stefanie Falz BC Canada MD, CCFP-EM, WALS
Dan Flynn Dan Flynn CA United States Paramedic, ALS
Erik Forsythe Erik Forsythe CO United States EMT-P
Bill Frederick Bill Frederick MA United States WEMT
Tamar Freeman Tamar Freeman BC Canada NREMT, PCP, RAM/TTEMS
Greg Friese Greg Friese WI United States MS, NREMT-P
Sarah Fritz Sarah Fritz CO United States W-EMT, R.N.
G Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Chantal Gagne Chantal Gagne ON Canada
Nicholas Gaines Nicholas Gaines TX United States 18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant, NREMT-P, ATP, PHTLS, PALS, TCCC Provider, Instructor
James Gao Qing James Gao Qing Spain
Chelsea Gardner Chelsea Gardner CO United States Paramedic, WFR, AIRE Level II
C. Brian Gee C. Brian Gee MI United States RN, WALS, NREMT-B
Julie Genzel Julie Genzel Canada
Gabriel Gerow Gabriel Gerow MN United States
Carl Gilmore Carl Gilmore NM United States WEMT
Ross Goddard Ross Goddard BC Canada PCP, OEC, NUOFA3
Peter Goth Peter Goth United States MD
Trent Gould Trent Gould AK United States WFR, NAI CIGT, ACA Level 3 Instructor, Swiftwater Rescue Technician, AIARE Level 1
Tim Graham FL United States EMT-P, Rescue Diver
Tamara Grantham Tamara Grantham YT Canada PCP
April Grisetti WA United States PA-C, FAWM
Gudmundur Gudjonsson Gudmundur Gudjonsson Iceland WEMT, NREMT-P
Gabriel Gunning Gabriel Gunning ME United States WEMT-P
H Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Steve Hahn Steve Hahn YT Canada RN, WEMT
Kevin Hall Kevin Hall AR United States NREMT , EMT Instructor , WEMT , WFR
Sam Hallowell Sam Hallowell ME United States EMT, WEMT
Stephen Halvorson Stephen Halvorson MT United States M.D., WALS
Hiroshi Hamatani Hiroshi Hamatani Nagano Japan WEMT
David Hancock David Hancock WA United States WEMT
Jobi Hanson Jobi Hanson TX United States NREMT-P, WEMT
Julie Harjung NY United States Paramedic, AEMT-CC, WEMT
Deborah Hayes Deborah Hayes RI United States NREMT, WEMT, MPIC
Bu He Bu He China WEMT
Laura Helfman NC United States MD, WFR
Bethany Helvoigt Bethany Helvoigt MT United States EMT
Greg Henington Greg Henington TX United States Paramedic
Alice Henshaw Alice Henshaw NY United States WEMT
Jamie Hersey Jamie Hersey NS Canada ACP
Micheil Hill Micheil Hill ON Canada WEMT
Emily Hinman Emily Hinman ME United States PA-C
Yuka Hirose Yuka Hirose Japan RN, WALS, WFR
Tryggvi Hjörtur Oddsson Tryggvi Hjörtur Oddsson Iceland WEMT-B, RN
Ryan Hodnick Ryan Hodnick NV United States D.O. NREMT-P, CCEMT-P, FAWM, FACEP
Gary Holt Gary Holt ID United States WEMT
Zhu Hong Zhu Hong China WEMT
Ãrmann Hoskuldsson Ãrmann Hoskuldsson Iceland Paramedic
Johan Hovelynck Johan Hovelynck Belgium WFR
Matt Howell Matt Howell ON Canada WEMT
Greg Hren Greg Hren MA United States
Elva Hronn Smaradottir Elva Hronn Smaradottir Iceland RN
Yi-Chung Hsu Yi-Chung Hsu Taiwan RN, EP RN, NP
Shu-Wei Hsu Shu-Wei Hsu Taiwan EMT-1
Kang Hua Kang Hua China WEMT
Kuo Feng Huang Kuo Feng Huang Taiwan RN,ER NP, AHA ACLS instructor
Shao Hui Shao Hui China WEMT
Charles Humphrey Charles Humphrey ON Canada ACP
Tung Hsiu Hung Tung Hsiu Hung Taiwan EMT-P
Kevin Hunt Kevin Hunt TN United States EMT-P, WALS
I Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Jamie Innes Jamie Innes ON Canada PCP, WEMT
Jeffrey Isaac, PA-C, WEMT CO United States PA-C, WEMT, Captain
J Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Josh Jackson Josh Jackson CA United States WEMT
John Jacobs John Jacobs CA United States WEMT
Rachel Jamieson Rachel Jamieson AB Canada ACP, EMT-Paramedic, WEMT
Erin Jamroz Erin Jamroz UT United States EMT-B
Rob Janik Rob Janik AK United States MICP, WEMT
Chris Jeans Chris Jeans CO United States RN
Jessica Jeffery Jessica Jeffery NY United States RN, WALS
Mark Johnson Mark Johnson CA United States PA, ACLS, ATLS, PALS, EMT-P, WFR
Fay Johnson Fay Johnson MT United States WEMT
David Johnson David Johnson ME United States MD
K Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Emmanuel Kazi Emmanuel Kazi Kenya EMT-1
Mike Kennedy Mike Kennedy ON Canada ACP(F), WALS
Jeff Kerby TN United States WFR, NCCPA PA-C Emeritus, BLS, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist
Siri Khalsa Siri Khalsa NM United States Paramedic
Ethan Kinsey Ethan Kinsey Tanzania
George Kirubi George Kirubi Kenya RN, Paramedic
Joshua Kling Joshua Kling CO United States IFMGA Mountain Guide, EMT-B
Holly Kondreska Holly Kondreska ON Canada PCP, WEMT
Add Kongsingh Add Kongsingh Thailand WEMT
Joonas Kortelainen Joonas Kortelainen Finland
Michael Krueger Michael Krueger CA United States
Amol Kulkarni Amol Kulkarni Tanzania MDS, WEMT, WALS
L Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Eli LaMouria Eli LaMouria CO United States WEMT, NREMT-B, WFR, FEMA Volunteer, Master Educator LNT, Swift Water Rescue, High Angle Rescue
Anita Laipnieks Anita Laipnieks ON Canada PCP, WEMT
Robbie Langrell Robbie Langrell OR United States
Megan Lapierre Megan Lapierre NY United States EMT-B
Tyler Lawrence Tyler Lawrence ON Canada PCP, ITLS
Jim Lawson Jim Lawson ON Canada
Stephen Leavins Stephen Leavins ME United States CCEMT-P, NREMT-P, WEMT, WALS
Stephanie Leson Stephanie Leson ON Canada PCP
John Lin John Lin Taiwan WEMT
Annie Linhart MI United States WFR, NREMT-B
Rick Lipke Rick Lipke WA United States SEI, WEMT
Jeremy Lloyd Jeremy Lloyd ON Canada
Mark Loewenberger Mark Loewenberger YT Canada ACP, WEMT
Camille Logeay-Hattori Camille Logeay-Hattori Japan WFR
Brandon Chee Hon Loong Brandon Chee Hon Loong Malaysia WEMT
Paul Lovaas Paul Lovaas WI United States
M Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Dave MacDonald Dave MacDonald MB Canada SAR Tech
Jason MacLeod Jason MacLeod AB Canada RN, WEMT
Chad Macheel Chad Macheel MN United States MSN, AG-ACNP, FNP-C, ENP, CFRN, CCRN, CEN
Pieter Maes Pieter Maes Belgium EMT - Firefighter
Paul Marcolini Paul Marcolini ME United States WEMT-P
Evie Marcolini Evie Marcolini ME United States MD
Josh Martin Josh Martin United States DNP, FAWM, AGACNP-BC, FNP, EMT-P I/C
Trevor McGarry Trevor McGarry ON Canada WFR, SRT, NLS
Cal McKnight Cal McKnight OR United States WFR, AIARE Avy Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue Technician
Angus McLean-Wilson Angus McLean-Wilson BC Canada
David Meade David Meade NY United States ALS
Ville Melkko Ville Melkko Finland Firefighter-Paramedic
Melissa Milano Melissa Milano NY United States
Jim Morrissey Jim Morrissey CA United States EMT-P, MA
Cory Morse Cory Morse ME United States WEMT-P, SRT
Nicki Mosley Nicki Mosley BC Canada WEMR, Teacher
Michelle Murphy Michelle Murphy TX United States WEMT, EMT-C, ALS
James Murphy James Murphy TX United States WEMT, EMT-B, NREMT-B
Angus Murray Angus Murray ON Canada WEMT
Melanie Musselman Melanie Musselman Tanzania BSN, RN, DTN, PHTLS, CALS, BLS, and WFR
N Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Jean-Marc Nantel Jean-Marc Nantel Canada
Peter Nave Peter Nave BC Canada W-EMT, NR-EMT
Robin Nesbeda Robin Nesbeda ME United States WEMT
Eric Nies Eric Nies NY United States MD
Kazuya Nino Kazuya Nino Japan WFR
Esker Norman Esker Norman Canada
O Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Sue O'Rorke-Evis Sue O'Rorke-Evis ON Canada WEMT
Bob Olajos Bob Olajos ON Canada PCP, WEMT
Aaron Olsen Aaron Olsen OR United States OCET, WFR, NET
Jamie Orfald-Clarke Jamie Orfald-Clarke AB Canada WFR
Takuya Ota Takuya Ota BC Canada EMT, WEMT, WALS
Mayumi Ote Mayumi Ote Japan WFR, Nurse
Jon Otto Jon Otto China WEMT
P Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Trevor Page Trevor Page MB Canada
Bruno Parente Bruno Parente Brazil MD, WALS
Sean Patterson Sean Patterson ON Canada
Danny Peled QC Canada WEMR
Hsiao-chi Peng Hsiao-chi Peng Taiwan
Grace Perry Grace Perry ON Canada ACP, WEMT
Sigrun Petursdottir Sigrun Petursdottir Iceland CNS, Msc, Bsc, RN, WALS, ALS
Ken Piercey Ken Piercey ON Canada BScN, RN, EMR
Marty Pomerleau Marty Pomerleau ON Canada PCP, WEMT
Susan Purvis MT United States WEMT, WFR
Q Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Logan Quinn Logan Quinn NY United States EMT-B
R Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Phil Rach Phil Rach WI United States BS, MS, NREMT-P, WEMT
Tom Rader Tom Rader NM United States WEMT, PHTLS
Michael Rafferty Michael Rafferty BC Canada WEMT
Sophia Rago Sophia Rago ME United States Travel Nurse
David Ramsey David Ramsey ID United States NREMT-P, WALS
CK Raynes Wilder CK Raynes Wilder ME United States MD, MPH, WFR
Shilpa Reddy Shilpa Reddy BC Canada RN, BSN
Natalie Renner Natalie Renner BC Canada EMT-P
Nicki Ripple Nicki Ripple PA United States
Kristi Rivison Kristi Rivison BC Canada WEMT, PCP, RN-Student
Mylaine Robichaud Mylaine Robichaud QC Canada Bachelor of nursing, Nursing enlarged role, Paramedic in alpine environment, safety in avalanche terrain CSA 1, health and safety training on construction sites, instructor WMA training, ACLS and CPR training, , BAC en soins infirmier, rôle élargi, premier répondant en  milieu alpin, cours introduction à la sécurité en avalanche CSA 1, santé et sécurité sur les chantiers de construction, RCR et ACLS.
Abby Rowe ME United States NRAEMT, WEMT
Nick Runions Nick Runions WA United States WEMT-P
Craig Rydell Craig Rydell WI United States EMT-B, WEMT
S Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Owens S United States
Bradford Sablosky Bradford Sablosky CO United States WEMT, NREMT-P
Scott Sabo Scott Sabo NY United States EMT-B, W-EMT
Rob Sanders Rob Sanders TX United States DO
Robert Schumacker MI United States MA, EMT-B, WEMS
Riccardo Sedola Riccardo Sedola Italy
Mike Senecal Mike Senecal ME United States WEMT-P, FF, SWT
Billie Jo Senecal Billie Jo Senecal ME United States RN, PALS, CCRN, ACLS
Eric Shamy-Smith Eric Shamy-Smith QC Canada RN
Tim Shaw Tim Shaw MT United States
Tobias Shepherd Tobias Shepherd ON Canada WEMT
Steven Shomo Steven Shomo CO United States DAOM, L.Ac/Acupuncture Physician, CSCS, SARTECH, WFR
Tony Shope Tony Shope ID United States EMT-P
Noelle Sieloff Noelle Sieloff ME United States WFR, RN
Henri Siikavirta Henri Siikavirta Finland RN/Paramedic
Jon Silcox Jon Silcox ON Canada PCP
Tony Simpson Tony Simpson ME United States PA-C, WEMT
JP Skinner JP Skinner Bermuda NREMT
Tim Slusser Tim Slusser VA United States WEMT, Swiftwater Rescue Instructor
Will Smith Will Smith WY United States MD, NREMT-P
Medical Director
Wilderness Medical Associates
Daniel Solchanyk Daniel Solchanyk OR United States MS, NRAEMT, FAWM
Matt Solomon Matt Solomon CO United States NREMT-P, WALS
Dugg Steary Dugg Steary BC Canada CCP(F) , WEMT
Alex Steiner Alex Steiner CA United States EMT, WFR
Anthony Stevens Anthony Stevens WY United States NREMT; WEMT; EMT-T
Jason Stewart Jason Stewart QC Canada PCP, WEMT
Jared Stinson Jared Stinson ME United States BA, AEMT, WEMT
Swis Stockton Swis Stockton VA United States WALS, EMT-P, MD
Darren Stokes CO United States WEMT
Isa Suescum Isa Suescum OR United States NREMT, WFR
Lingye Sun Lingye Sun Guilin China WEMT
Veerayut (Chet) Suphadee Veerayut (Chet) Suphadee Thailand
Cecily Swinburne Cecily Swinburne ME United States MD, MPH, NREMT
T Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Lucy Tate Lucy Tate AK United States WEMT
Jenifer Temple Jenifer Temple NY United States WEMT
Tatsuya Terada Tatsuya Terada Japan WFR
Joe Thacker Joe Thacker WV United States EMT-B
Courtney Thompson Courtney Thompson ON Canada MD, ACLS, ATLS
Jon Tierney Jon Tierney ME United States IFMGA Mountain Guide, FP-C, WP-C, RN, CCEMT-P, BS, ASN, EMT-P I/C
Pete Tilney Pete Tilney ME United States DO, EMT-P
Kyle Tilton Kyle Tilton TX United States WFR
Kaare Tingelstad Kaare Tingelstad WI United States DO, WALS
Ginette Traversy Ginette Traversy QC Canada WALS, EMT-I, Firefighter
Alexandra Tripp Alexandra Tripp OR United States DNP, RN, CCRN, WALS
Uli Tsai Uli Tsai Taiwan EMT-P
Rod Tucknott Rod Tucknott CA United States WEMT
Matthew Tunis Matthew Tunis ON Canada PCP, PhD
V Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Alain Vaillancourt Alain Vaillancourt AB Canada
Sigurjon Valmundsson Sigurjon Valmundsson Iceland Iceland WEMT, EMT-P
Arne Van Brabant Arne Van Brabant Belgium WFR, EMT
Chris Van Houten Chris Van Houten NY United States
David VanderBurgh David VanderBurgh ON Canada MD
Zach Vanderwall Zach Vanderwall MT United States EMT-B, WEMT, BLS Lead
Bernardo Vasconcelos Bernardo Vasconcelos MG Brazil WEMT
Anissa Vasquez Anissa Vasquez UT United States EMT
Britt Venn Britt Venn ON Canada PCP
Gunnar Vilhjalmsson Gunnar Vilhjalmsson Iceland WEMT
Georgia Villaflor Georgia Villaflor NM United States NP, EMT-I
Axel Ernir Vioarsson Axel Ernir Vioarsson Iceland EMT-A, WFR
Margit Von Frankenberg Margit Von Frankenberg WI United States RN, PALS, ACLS/BCLS, WFR, Wilderness Water Safety
Bob Vranich Bob Vranich BC Canada EMR, WFR
W Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Li Chiang WU Li Chiang WU Taiwan EMT-2
Fran Waes Fran Waes France WFR
Wendy Walker Wendy Walker BC Canada EMR , Ontario Search and Rescue Volunteer , Expedition Sea Kayak Guide , Pleasure Craft Operations , NOLS Graduate
Peter Wallace Peter Wallace ME United States Paramedic
Mike Webster Mike Webster ON Canada Advanced Care Paramedic, Masters degree in Disaster Management
Jill Weenink Jill Weenink BC Canada PCP, WFR
Zhao Wei Zhao Wei China WEMT
Mark Whitaker Mark Whitaker WA United States WFR, WEMT-B
Cameron White Cameron White MB Canada PCP
Charles-Antoine Wild Charles-Antoine Wild QC Canada REMT, Avalanche Search and Rescue
Crista Wiles Crista Wiles BC Canada
Clayton Williams Clayton Williams AB Canada ACP
Keith Williams Keith Williams MD United States NREMT-P, WEMT
Adam Williams Adam Williams ME United States MS, NREMT, WFR
Jeremy Womack Jeremy Womack CO United States WEMT-I, NREMT-I
Lauren Wonfor Lauren Wonfor YT Canada
Melissa Wong Melissa Wong China WEMT, BLS
Ben Woodard Ben Woodard ME United States
Katie Woods MT United States WEMT, ATC
Rachel Worth-Cappell Rachel Worth-Cappell BC Canada Naturopathic Doctor Candidate
X Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Shi Xin Shi Xin China WEMT
Y Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Zhang Yanjie Zhang Yanjie China WEMT
Bao Yifei Bao Yifei China WEMT
Isamu Yokobori Isamu Yokobori Tokyo Japan WEMT
Atsuyo Yoshizawa Atsuyo Yoshizawa Japan WFR
Jesse Young Jesse Young ME United States
Z Instructor Name State / Province Country Certifications
Jullianne Zimlich Jullianne Zimlich WA United States WEMT, BA-Ed