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Bloom's Taxonomy & Techniques

Bloom's Taxonomy & Techniques - Spine

Teaching Tips and Games - This will help instructors present course material to students beyond just showing the slideshow.

Performing Under Pressure

Learning Intelligences

Form 5304-SIMPLE posted here.

Instructor Evaluation FormsExpectations of WMA Instructors or for the entire document including appendices click hereOverall Assessment of Assistant InstructorEvaluation Form for PAS DrillsEvaluation Form for LecturesEvaluation Form for Skill-Based Exercises.


Instructor Gear Request Form

          Student Roster for ALL courses (updated 12/5/2017 the latest revision date is now on the roster - if the roster you have matches the date in bold you have the latest version)

Expense Report - NEW Jan 2018


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Direct Travel 

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Policies and Procedures 

How to Order Business Cards

ACTAR D-fib Mannequins Instructional Video (Password warm1234)

Pay Scale List


I/S Course Booking Form *Updated* 2017.10

I/S Order Form *Updated* 2017.11

IS COURSE PAPERWORK: (updated 8/28/2015)

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 List of paperwork needed by Course Type

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Individual Paperwork


By downloading these files, you acknowledge WMA’s ownership of them. I agree not to copy or distribute them, and will seek and receive permission from DJ before using them outside of a WMA course or sanctioned conference presentation.  

Change logs are included in the PPT .zip files.

Tests in PDF


WAFA Answer Key

WFR Test

WFR Answer Key


WFR RE Test Answer Key

WFA Test

WFA Answer Key


WEMT Answer Key

Tests in French:
*Answer key is same as English versions*




2017 WAFA PowerPoint

2018 WFR PowerPoint ( 2017 WFR PowerPoint still available here)

2014 WEMT PowerPoint

2017 French WFR PowerPoint

2017 Behavioral PowerPoint

Naloxone PowerPoint

WFR Test 1

WFR Test 2

WFR Test 3

WFR Test 4

Updates 2018

Bits and Pieces 8.27.2018

PPT Update 4.23.18

Updates 2017

2017 FG, Curriculum Guides & Protocols

2017 Orange Field Guide Updates

2017 Curriculum Update #2 PPT

2017 Curriculum Update #1

2017 Follow up to Curriculum Update #1

2017 PPT #1

Updates 2016

Teaching Materials Update #1 2016

Updates 2014

The changes to the 2014 Orange Field Guide are detailed in the following word document and those pages with changes-only are assembled in a PDF.

The changes to the 2014 WFA Fold Guide are detailed in the following document and those pages with changes-only are assembled in a PDF.

Miscellaneous Articles and Blogs


Click here for a list of Emergency Medicine Mnemonics translated into Japanese.


SKILL VIDEOS (Produced by Greg Hren)

You will be prompted for a password before you are granted permission to watch each video. The password for all videos is 'warm1234'. Please do not share access.

To download the video to your hard drive, right click on the .MOV next to the video and select 'Save Target As...'. Please be considerate do not distribute these without previously granted permission from DJ.


2017 Generic Stand Alone Epi Course PowerPoint

Epi State Requirements

Epi Exam California

Epi Exam Michigan 

Epi Answer Key (same version for CA & MI)


New 2017 Versions

Older Versions